Chenming Hu

Chenming Hu Archive Photos

6yr old with family, back row 2nd from right

Playmates, standing 2nd from right

1968 Graduation Photo

150 mph

2016 Pres. Obama Laughing

Obama Laughing

Painting of Mt. Everest

Students Party 1996

With Former Students on 60th Birthday

TSMC 2001-2004

R & D

Family 2008

Chenming Hu Innovation Lab Opening 2016

Innovation Lab Opening

AHS Hu Medical Center Opening 2019

Hu Medical Center Opening Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf

Celebratory Symposium From Electrons to Electronics 2012

2016 photo

2023 photo

S H Hu Library, Jintan H2023 photoigh School

Dorm Room 1969

2003 Photo

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